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Feedback time! :3
Eevee & Vulpix
 Hey fellows!
This is Vep's feedback post~
Leave me feedback here after doing business with me, if you wish to :3 

You can view my previous feedback thread from PKMNcollectors here

Current status :              

PKMNcollectors community feedback      +24

Other LJ sales  0

Please include following things when giving me feedback:

1) What business and where: was it a trade or I bought from you/ you bought from me + what items + was the transaction done in a community (what comm) or somewhere else?   
for ex.  Items sold: pokemon figures via PKMNcollectors

2) Rating  feel free to express how you like  ex.  5/5, A, bad/okay/good/ excellent

3) Your own comments   what ever you want to say about the transaction

I'm very very glad if you leave me feedback! <3



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