Can I take the 2 Landmin and Skymin wristband plush please?

What country are you in? :3


Your total is 2.25$ to

You're in the charge of the paypal fee
Please include your LJ name and what you've bought
Thanks ^_^

Could I get a quote for the derpy Heracross candy fig and Corphish chipz to Australia? XD

Of course~

Both would be 5$ shipped,
if that sounds good the payment goes to

Include your LJ name and what you've bought to the comment if you end up purchasing them :3

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The total with shipping included is 3$ ^_^

Just inquiring, How much would the teddiursa freebies and zubat freebie be to 03106?

It's only the shipping cost, so they're both shipped 2$ :3

Hi, what condition is the Snorlax Lamincard in and could I get a shipping quote for it to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - please and thank you. = )

Re: Snorlax lamincard

Oops, forgot another question I had.

The lamincard is in English, yes?

(Deleted comment)
They both shipped would be 4$ in that case :3

How much for the bayleef kid to 35757?


Total shipped is 5$ if you're there :3

Entei card to 40272, please. :)

USA, right? ^_^

The total is 2$ to
Don't forget to include your LJ name and what you bought in the comment~
Do you want the secret message card list + package as well without any charge? :3

How is the condition of Magcargo (the tomy)? ^_^; Also what would be a quote for shipping him either way to the US (92126)?

It's not a TOMY but European Candy Container figure :3
Total with shipping to the US is 3$ via the 1st class priority mail

It's in good condition, very little marking from a marker underbelly

Your package has been shipped and i should arrive within 1-2 weeks.
Let me know when you receive it, please :3

if available, could i get the sceptile european candy figure to 23220? :]

Sure, your total would be 3$ to
Please include your Lj name and what you bought to the comment

Is the Lugia candy figure still available? I never managed to get one from one of those damn Pokeballs! xD; Shipped to Finland, of course.

Sure it is ^_^
Total is 6.50$ to
Please include your LJ name and what you bought in the comment
Thanks n.n

I'd like the Groudon chip, to USA 91024 please! :)

Sure, your total is 3.50$ to
Make sure to include your LJ name and what you bought on the comment n_n

if the togepi talking keychain is still available how much would it be shipped to Edinburg, TX 78541? Thanks!

Shipping cost is horribly high X_x It would be 14.50$ shipped as priority 1st class which is faster way to ship.. if mailed via 2nd class economy it would be 11.40$ (thought fee would be added anyway )

Sorry to be a pain but do you have a closer picture of the bootleg Marill? @w@ I know I shouldn't be asking favours for a free item, but I'm curious how it looks

No, you're not a pain at all C=

I have one closer picture here where it's size compared to a TOMY Pikachu

Unfortunately I didn't see there anything I'm looking for right now and I'm not too confortable to trade non-flats for TCG at this time, sorry )=

But if you'd be willing to purchase the kids let me know your country and I'll give you the total :3

May I probably (not sure though) get the Charmander sticker, the topps card and the Riolu charm freebie to zip 20815?

Sure you can~

If you're interested, the total is 1.85$ to
Make sure to include your LJ name and what you've bought to the comment :3

Do you probably have the Charmander Hasbro figure (is it made from rubber?) and the keychain left?

Yes, I have them both. And I haven't gone to the post office at yet, in the case you want to combine :3

I don't think my first post went through and if it ends up going through sorry for double post XD

could I have a quote for bayleef and arceus kid to Canada? :>

The two kids shipped plus fees included would be $9.60 :3

Before I decide on anything, how much would shipping cost to send the Applause Charmander and Hasbro Charizard plush to USA 22042?

Both would be $8.90 if shipped via Frist Class or $6.50 if shipped via Second Class mail
(Second Class might be super super slow, it usually is)

Hi! Are all the following available? The 4 pencil topper figures and the Octillery European candy figure. If they are all available how much would it cost to ship to Australia? :)

The Octillery candy figure is sold, unfortunately, but all 4 penciltoppers are available =D
The four toppers would be $6.60 shipped to AU but I can haggle one dollar away cuz you requested them all. I can sell them as a lot, so $5.60 . If that sounds good, the payment goes to ( LJ name + what you bought to the comment line)

sorry for kinda posting out of the blue.. I saved this page so I could get something.
could I get makuhita pencil topper? 80526

Sure you can =D You're in the US, right?

how much would the magmortar kid & this hitmonlee thing be to the uk?

Those two would be $3.45 to if you're interested. Please include your LJ name and what you bought


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