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More or less permanent Commissions post
Eevee & Vulpix
Zup~ Vep's custom plush commission here
I make small sized plushies mainly (more or less the size of a canvas plush), but if you specially request, I can make a bigger plush too. But I won't make any gigantic plushies like life size eeveelutions, as the shipping of those is a bit complex. Maxinum size of a plush is the size of an UFO catcher DX pokemon plush. Anything bigger than that won't happen.

You can see my previous work here


Waiting list:


*I ship from Finland (but if you're a fellow finn, we can arrange a meeting at the capital area or at a con, free of shipping charge of cource)
*Payment can be completed in parts and I will ship your commission after the full payment has reached my Paypal. BTW paypal is the only way to pay.
*I accept trades/ partial trades for anything on my wants list (but not TCG Not really accepting trades at this time, unless it's a high prority want of mine.
*I might be a bit slowpoke, so please be patient with me.
*Plush limit for standard small plushies per slot is 2. Any bigger plush is limited to 1 per commission slot at a time.
*If there are no free slots, you can always tell me to add you to my waiting list :'3

small plush $25-35 (depending on exact size and comlexity of the plush, as it is done. Usually I can determite the cost by looking at the reference picture. Complex plushies are for example Many legendary Pokemon and final starter evo's (Dialga, Palkia, Veusaur, Prinplup, so on). A really simple $25 plush would be for example Pichu, Pikachu, Cleffa, Clefairy, Azurill, Marill.

Bigger plush
$35-60, again depending on complexity and exact size.

*Backing out of a commission or changing your mind after already stating what you wanted will cause immediate negative feedback, even if I didn't start with the plush yet. For example: You tell me that you want an Eevee plush and the next day you come tell me that you want a Vaporeon instead.
So think carefully what you want to commish and if you can afford it when it's done.
Though you can commish multiple plushies (limit of 2) at the same time. If my list is not all booked up, I might accept an additional commission to go with the one I originally began making for you =)


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