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Collection weeding time! Plushies for offers
Eevee & Vulpix
Ok, here we go!
Sales permission by dakajojo 03/02/11
*This is offers, so you may continue offering until new offers cease to come or I see an offer I like
*All pkmncollectors rules apply
*I ship from Finland, be prepared for possibly pricey shipping costs
*Items come from smoke free, dog-friendly environment and sales items are kept safe from the pets.

These fellows are getting rather rare in these days! Both are mint with their detached tags. Tags not pictured as you can very surprisingly see but I do have them saved =)

Leafeon starts @ $20
Glaceon starts @ $20

These fellows are also at least uncommon. The UFO Eevee has a bit derpy expression as you can probably see, so her starting price will be lower. Both plushies are in mint w tags condistion as well

Derpy UFO Eevee starts @ $10
Big Eevee Walky starts @ $25

Shaymin UFO in perfect, mint  condition. Does NOT have a hang tag

Shaymin UFO starts @ $25

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Derpy UFO Eevee starts @ 10

The Derpy little UFO Eevee is yours! Your total is either $27.45 (for 1st class shipping) or $24.50 (for 2nd class shipping) - these are costs for plush + shipping with paypal fee added to them. Send the total for the shipping option you want to - please include your LJ username and items bought to the message =)

Is it alright to see if usagimakeup is still interested in getting the walky eevee?
If not, I'd love to take it since the shipping fees will be the same. c:
Let me know what you think. Thank you! c:

I already let them know that they win the item, but if you want to wait for a few days and see what happens. I will PM them today and if I can't reach them in a few day's time, the Walky Eevee will pass to you. Ok? =)

Alright just lemme know whenever. C: take your time!

They're into taking the plush but haven't paid just yet. Still wanna see what happens? :3

EDIT: They just paid to be.. so, please send your total for the UFO wee, to with your LJ name and what you bought =)

Edited at 2014-04-02 07:41 am (UTC)

payment sent for the cheaper option thank you!

Got it~ I'll send her out as soon as I can :3

Shipped you Eevee a couple of days ago =) Since you paid for the cheaper option, it's not a wonder if it takes up to a month for it to get there, especially now that there's all the easter mail and that

Big Walky Eevee starts @ 25

Ok, I'm pretty sure you got Big Walky Eevee. Tell me your location and I will give you the shipping options =)

Oh, so sorry it took me long to get back to ya~
Anyway, the walky would be $41.80 (for 1st class shipping) or $38.85 (for 2nd class shipping). Please pick the shipping option you'd like and send the money to
Make sure to include your LJ name + things you bought, please :3

Okay, Your eevee's sent~ should take 1-2 weeks for it to be there

Shaymin UFO starts @ 25

Glaceon jakks starts @ 20

Ok, I think you got Glaceon ^^ Send either $31.60 (for 1st class shipping) or $29.20 (for 2nd class shipping) to

Yay payment sent for 1st class shipping, thank you! ^^ I would be grateful if you would leave me some feedback at my page: I will gladly leave some for you too if you want!

Got payment and sent feedback. I should be able to mail this very soon

Thank you so much! Link me your page if you want me to leave you some feedback too ^^

I'm so sorry but you have sent me the wrong plush.. I got the leafeon and I want the glaceon :/

Oh My, I indeed have! Had to double check the message chain and maybe I got confused, cuz one of your comments visible just below "Leafeon starts @ 20" comment.. Hmm, is it okay to you if we just trade the plushies? You send me Leafeon back and I send you Glaceon, maybe a little refund to cover partly the shipping-to-me cost? My bad, really. Been awfully busy and tired lately =)

Edited at 2014-03-21 03:27 pm (UTC)

That's alright, I give you the shipping price when I am ready to send it back! :)

Leafeon jakks starts @ 20

How much would like... maybe the glaceon (^^') be shipped to Denmark?

Glaceon would be (after shipping + paypal fees) $31.60 with 1st class shipping or $29.20 if you choose 2nd class shipping =)

how much would shipping be for both eevees to US 62223?

Both wees? Shipping to the US would be $15.35 if shipped in 1st class or $12.45 if shipped in 2nd class.. I know the prices are just sick =/ The 2nd class shipping might be a bit slower but sometimes it's about as fast as the 1st class.. you never know.

is it a big price diff if I only win the ufo eevee? O:
I accidentally bid without checking the shipping prices

So only the UFO eevee if you win? I understand the mistake this time and may let you past it, but remember to be careful next time you bid on stuff here =)

Yes what is the shipping only for the first eevee?
I only bid on the first eevee before realising i should check the shipping price first. so id like to know the difference between shipping for 1-2 eevees. I know it's my mistake for bidding without asking a quote so I'm willing to pay since it's my fault.

The shipping is the same, no matter if you get 1 or 2 plushes

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