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Collection weeding time! Plushies for offers

Ok, here we go!
Sales permission by dakajojo 03/02/11
*This is offers, so you may continue offering until new offers cease to come or I see an offer I like
*All pkmncollectors rules apply
*I ship from Finland, be prepared for possibly pricey shipping costs
*Items come from smoke free, dog-friendly environment and sales items are kept safe from the pets.

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More or less permanent Commissions post

Zup~ Vep's custom plush commission here
I make small sized plushies mainly (more or less the size of a canvas plush), but if you specially request, I can make a bigger plush too. But I won't make any gigantic plushies like life size eeveelutions, as the shipping of those is a bit complex. Maxinum size of a plush is the size of an UFO catcher DX pokemon plush. Anything bigger than that won't happen.

You can see my previous work here


Waiting list:


*I ship from Finland (but if you're a fellow finn, we can arrange a meeting at the capital area or at a con, free of shipping charge of cource)
*Payment can be completed in parts and I will ship your commission after the full payment has reached my Paypal. BTW paypal is the only way to pay.
*I accept trades/ partial trades for anything on my wants list (but not TCG Not really accepting trades at this time, unless it's a high prority want of mine.
*I might be a bit slowpoke, so please be patient with me.
*Plush limit for standard small plushies per slot is 2. Any bigger plush is limited to 1 per commission slot at a time.
*If there are no free slots, you can always tell me to add you to my waiting list :'3

small plush $25-35 (depending on exact size and comlexity of the plush, as it is done. Usually I can determite the cost by looking at the reference picture. Complex plushies are for example Many legendary Pokemon and final starter evo's (Dialga, Palkia, Veusaur, Prinplup, so on). A really simple $25 plush would be for example Pichu, Pikachu, Cleffa, Clefairy, Azurill, Marill.

Bigger plush
$35-60, again depending on complexity and exact size.

*Backing out of a commission or changing your mind after already stating what you wanted will cause immediate negative feedback, even if I didn't start with the plush yet. For example: You tell me that you want an Eevee plush and the next day you come tell me that you want a Vaporeon instead.
So think carefully what you want to commish and if you can afford it when it's done.
Though you can commish multiple plushies (limit of 2) at the same time. If my list is not all booked up, I might accept an additional commission to go with the one I originally began making for you =)
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Card & flat sales

 Yes, now cards, stickers and other flats have their own sales room  C=

PKMNcollectors sales permission granted 03/02/11 by dakajojo 

Rules & Guidelines  (in a nut shell cuz I'm lazy to write right nao):

* I ship from Finland and surprise, surprise,  internationally 

*Shipping starts at $1 , might be slightly higher if you buy a lot
(you cannot get super expensive shipping for flats only, trust me!)

* DO TRADE WITH ME, PLEASE!  <3   ~My TCG wants list is here *click* ~

*Always willing to combine with the stuff from my regular sales   *CLICKITY*

*Holds are okay ^^ and I don't really have any specific time limits for them just ask how long you'd like~
*Haggling is okay, but be reasonable, plz

*All items come from doggie friendly home, thought they are kept far aways from my honeypies' reach

* I have the right to refuse from selling if one appears any kind of rude/ harassing / any other kind of explicit behavior

(mainly TCG here at the moment, stickers moving in here at some point)

Read the rules? Good! Go ahead and take a look at mah shop   n_n


Rares  $1.50 - $2 each
Meganium Prime up for offers (or willing to trade for any ex,, lv.x, prime or shiny of eeveelutions or ninetales / vulpix )

Gone: Tropius, Cleffa, Lunatone, Omastar, regular Cradily, HGSS Quaqshire

Unocommons   $0.50 - $0.75 each

Gone: Miltank, Dunsparce

Gone: Elekid

Gone: Magikarp

Gone: Haunter,

Commons  $0.25 - $0.75 each

Gone: Skiploom, DP Turtwig, Nidoran

Gone: pineco, Gloom

Gone: Larvitar

Gone: Sandstorm Marill, Seel

Randomly assorted cards (commons and uncommons)  $0.25 - $0.75

Gone: Spinarak, Pineco, Caterpie

Holos    $0.25 (horsea, duskull; some scratches on the holofoil) and  $0.75 Lairon 

Eevee &amp; Vulpix

Vep's Sales

 Here's my sales loot~

Rules & Guidelines (read first!) :

PKMNcollectors sales permission granted 03/02/11 by dakajojo

Shipping info:

*I ship from Finland and will ship Internationally
*Shipping starts at $1 for flats and small items.

*There's two kind of shipping methods:  1st class priority  and 2nd class economy.
1st class is faster and more expensive (it might get very expensive sometimes when you buy any item that is bigger than 1", especially pluhies)
than economy. Let me know which way you want your package to be shipped.
*I'm not responsible of any lost / damaged items

*Slowpoke shipping at the moment. Don't be surprised if it takes a week from me to ship your stuff.
Flat mail can be shipped pretty much every day because there is a mail box like 100 metres away from my house.

Payment & pricing:

*Prices DO NOT include shipping or Paypal fees, they wii be added to your total
*PayPal only! No cash,  no e-checks.
*Don't send the payment as gift or payment owed, please! Send it as goods instead =)
*haggling okay but be reasonable~


I love trading  =D  Will accept for anything from my wants lists.

I may accept customs as trade as well, depending on what they are, thought I tend to be picky.
Don't get offended if I turn you down.
Not at the moment, sorry

Wants in general (will trade for anything)

TCG wants (I prefer to trade them for TCG and other cards / flats)


* I don't deal with any banned member of any sales community I know
*I have the right to refuse from selling an item if the buyer performs questionable bahavior.
*No kind of offers via PM or as anonymous! No direct sale buys, no offers for an auction/ best offer item - I WILL ignore those

*The environment I live in is smoke free but doggie friendly. All the sales stuff is kept safe from doggehs.

*Holds are okay with me. I'll can hold an item up to 48 h, possibly longer if you are 100% sure to buy the item (I will check your feedback before I give it for a long hold. Any negative and your maxinum hold is 48h). After 48h hold the item will pass to the next person interested.

*Once a business is completed I will screen the comments of it so don't get scared if your comments get screened.
It just makes the post more clear if I do so.

*My PKMNcollectors feedbackpage can be found here

LJ feedback here , if you're not from pkmncollectors, drop your fb for me there please =)


all of them are mint

$1 each

$2 each (Totodile is $1, I have 2 of him) (SOLD: Jirachi, Chicorita)

Gargchomb DX kid $4

Legit tomys $1 each
SOLD: Salamence, Natu
HOLD: Seaking, Vileplume

European Candy figures
old editions *Good condition* maybe minor paint rubs on some of them

(The dog head is only for posing Mantine)
everything $1

SOLD: Misdreawus, Charmeleon, Poliwhirl, Monferno, Skitty, Lotad

Misc figures
Arcanine clip $3
Pikachu kids, Pika keychain thing $2 each
Clear Chu, Sitting Pika fig $1 each
Volttackle chu kid, Arcanine clip

Pencil topper figures $1 each - even the Camerupt who isn't a pencil topper (I'd suspect he's a chou)    3 first buyers who request will get the tag as well

Available: all

Shamin jakks + pearl $3   I'm willing to split them up if requested: pearl alone $1, figure alone $4

Charmander European lollipop stick $1 -   be aware of it's derpyness!

Shaymin jakks pokeball keychain MIP $4

Totodile strap $0.50

DP movie 13 Pikachu action keychain mint w box $6

The box will be flattened for shipping unless otherwise requested,
but the shipping cost will be horribly high in the case you want the box as is

Harbro figures :

Squirtle $2  (minor paint rubs Nope, fixed them! Might only be slightly filty at some parts)
Chararmander $2 (missing the ribbon + it's holder but is about mint otherwise)

Charmander keychain $1 TRADED

Dashing  TOMY Mew figure $1
some rubs on her tail

DERPY DERPY BOOTIES (and one beat-up Riolu charm.. thanks to my Chihuahua)

Just pay for shipping / take free with purchase!
(some of them may raise shipping or have the VERY expensive shipping, be aware for that!)

Taken: Raikou, Riolu


Hasbro Togepi talking keychain plush $2
Appalause Charmander $1 SOLD


European Candy figure stickers / sticker sheets

I'm willing to split the sheets if interest for that comes up =)
Each sheet $0.60
Each individual sticker $0.10

Available (sheets):

Lugia & Ho-oH   x3

More European Candy stickers!
Sheet $0.55

Separate ones $0.05 Note: They've been removed from their original sheet. Otherwise perfect shape.
I have doubles for: Weavile, Mantyke, Bonsly, Lucario

have no idea of these stickers 8''D

Clefable $0.20
Clefairy (missing background sticker) $0.10 SOLD

Bubblegum stickers

Holos (up): $0.40 each
regulars:  $0.25 each

Available (Regulars):         Available (holos):

Bulbasaur (hold)                        Totodile (hold), Blastoise
Dragonite x2

These stickers are very old, and they've all been removed from their original sheets but everything's in very lovely shape as usual. Pikachu kid for size reference only.
Munclax, Plusle, Minun $0.05 each;  Nidoking (hold) & Scyther sold Chupachups + Dragonite & Gary $0.15 each; Brock $0.20


TOPPS lamincards $0.50 each       First three buyers who request will get their packages (May / Munclax package for secret message lamin cards TAKEN)


Squirtle (not pictured)

Topps Secret message lamincards $1 each  
The first buyer who requests will get their tag and package as well (the package pictured above)   TAKEN 
Only Moltres available

TOPPS Trainer information cards $0.50 each

Available: both

Topps cards

Regulars $0.25 each
Holos $0.40 each

Charmander, Charizard, Rapidash SOLD


They have their very own sales post right here


MISC coin things

japanese DVD bonus coins $1
Rayquaza, Deoxys

Shieldon flipcoin $0.20

Chipz coins
Corphis $2,  Spoink $1

Salamence coin thing $0.10 SOLD
Eevee &amp; Vulpix

TCG wants :3

 Okay, I decided to make own entry for my TCG- wants, since there's A LOT of them. I also have an entry for non-flat wants (the link below) so go 'n check them too, if you think you might have something that might interest me :3 But here's a little guiding before you come and comment that you have a card I'm looking for:

*I'm in Finland, just a simple piece of information for non-international shippers
*Currently I only and only accept trades ):  Sorry that I suck at money! >3
*I accept ANY cards I don't already have of the Pokemon I collect.
Feel free to go 'n see my wants list to check which Pokemon are they (I suppose you're pretty much able to get know them about these cards, thought! x)
* I always mark under the card if it has *high priority* (which means that I want it like MAD) and if the card must have something or be a certain kind. Make sure that your card is exactly as I want it. If nothing special description is written under the card, it has no matter what kind of one it is, just want one.
I'm looking for cards in English only, unless they're cards that are only released in Japan / Japanese.
*This list IS NOT COMPLETE at yet, so you can ask if I don't have something not listed here =) These here are just a very small part of the card I'm after!

Fire foxes:

*high priority* must and must be stamped!              

*VERY high priority, reverse holo preferred*  *possibly getting*~~

*VERY high priority*                                                                                      

*high priority*

*very high priority*

*high priority*



*the holo version preferred*

                                                                                                              *high priority*

*high priority*


*high priority, holo preferred*

                                                                                                                    *holo preferred*

All Glaceons (yes, I'm a lazy bitch and don't upload pictures =P  )

.... and actually all Umbreons cuz I don't have any of them yet DX

*the holo one preferred*

                                                                                                               *high priority*


Fire puppies:

Eevee &amp; Vulpix

Feedback time! :3

 Hey fellows!
This is Vep's feedback post~
Leave me feedback here after doing business with me, if you wish to :3 

You can view my previous feedback thread from PKMNcollectors here

Current status :              

PKMNcollectors community feedback      +24

Other LJ sales  0

Please include following things when giving me feedback:

1) What business and where: was it a trade or I bought from you/ you bought from me + what items + was the transaction done in a community (what comm) or somewhere else?   
for ex.  Items sold: pokemon figures via PKMNcollectors

2) Rating  feel free to express how you like  ex.  5/5, A, bad/okay/good/ excellent

3) Your own comments   what ever you want to say about the transaction

I'm very very glad if you leave me feedback! <3

Eevee &amp; Vulpix

Hello =D

 I finally succeed to get an account in here =D and all thanks to my friend ^_^  Well.. the summer has been pretty busy till now because everything I've been doing is ... mostly travelling  ^_^, (but I miss my friends while being off!!!!  D8  )  My favourite of the travels of the whole summer is definitely the trip to Japan =D  Oh my gosh!!  It was so damn awesome ... I visited in Nagoya's and Tokyo's Pokemon Centers :3  seriously.... I could just buy the whole store empty if I had that much money XD  or well.. maybe not... but anyways, now I'll have to say byes for now and have fun everybody  =D