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My PKMN collection~ part 1
Eevee & Vulpix
The very first collection post of mine. Enjoy~  ^_^

Well, first of all, here's the Shaymin family (one is probably visiting at dad's)

The middle sized UFO Shaymin in her very own pic  =D I do have three more plushies but they'll appear in other pics 

Then, these are definitely my favorites of my whole collection. Here we go

Vulpix family<3 and my only Ninetales as well (she's currantly the only one if cards are not included) 
The canvas is from Pokemon Center Tokyo.
The first things I took into my basket when I went in, was this and the Growlithe one you'll meet him soon) She's just a way too cute!!!
(I've really waited for a this canvas as many other fellows) Anyways.. Now next will be...

The Eeveelution family<3 Glacy and Leafy canvas are from eevee_kins. I still feel like I'm
owing her thousands of thanks of these<3 The friends Flareon I found from one con this year with very cheap price 8D
And the walky Eevee and the new Tomies are from PokeCen Tokyo again  ^_^

Ewe wanted to pose with walky Pikachu :3 Aren't they so cute together?

And all the new Tomies together :3
Espeon isn't new thought, I've had her for ages but what would Eeveelution family be without her? ´O_O`

And a way too cute Eevee walky hand towel  >.< also From PokeCen 8D

Last but not least, the posted that my friend gave to me cuz he knows that I really really love the Eeveelutions<3
(or actually that's not the last thing of Eevees.. I have two kids on their way to me and..
also I own some card of them.. but I didn't photography the cards this time) XD

Now that The Eeveelution family has been introduced, I have some..

Growly canvas is something ..WAY TOO CUTEEE!!! 83 
The Arcanine TOMY is also one thing that I've wanted for long. And both are from PokeCen again  =D

That's all about my most favorite things of my collection. Now continuing with..

Chulution Figure family 8D I just love collecting cute Pikachus

The new Tomies are .. pretty obviously from PokeCen  8'D

This one I just spotted in Akihabara When I was looking for a new DS
(my old one runs out of battery after one or two hour paying D8 )

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have now the famous..

This was just on sale in some electronic shop!! (It was more expensive than an ordinary DS lite thought.. but worth it!)
These were terribly hard to get once :3

And something from PokeCen Nagoya's shiny beast lottery 8D
I was a very lucky one to win these  

Well, here's pretty much all that I could introduce today.. I'm going to make a part two of introduction, that's for sure!
Next time there'll be at least some of my custom works.. and I can already tell that there's gonna be a Vulpix kigurumi 
which is pretty famous here in Finland. Well, till the next time~  Vep :3

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Such a cool collection! How nice of your friend to give you that poster, it's adorable~ I also love your eeveelution plush. And I didn't know there was a pikachu ds lite, that was a great find!

Thanks 'gain n_n and you can probably imagine how happy and surprised I was when he gave me that poster >_< And yep, as you can see, there IS a Pikachu DS lite ;D

Aw! I used to have an Evee just like that but I lost it! I'm trying to find another JUST like that one, but with little success. I found a SIMILAR one on ebay, but it's not exactly like the one I had, and I want MY Evee. Do you know where I can find another Evee like the one you have?

(Screened comment)
Aah, you mean Walky Ewe :3 Walkies are adorable! Too bad that's your one got lost D8 But, keep looking for it,right? =)

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