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Introduction part 2~ plus customs and my first collection update =D
Eevee & Vulpix

 Yupp~ time for Pokemon collection part 2, YAY!  ^_^  

I thought about finishing to show my PokeCen gets first. So, here we go:

A Zorua Pokedoll :3  He's so adorable little cutie from PokeCen Nagoya. 
And he's so soft cuz he's minky<3

Next... something what I got when I had my Pokewalker hanging on my neck in PokeCen Tokyo =D

This clearfile. It has Pokemon from 041 to 151 (damn! Just just missed Vulpix and Ninetales D8)
But well, it still has the first Eeveelutions =D and Growl & Arcanine<3  Anyways, I think I'll tell ya how I got it:

I walked into the PokeCen and began with looking at the Canvas. Then suddenly some girl of the staff members
came to me and told me to connect Pokewalkers with her. Then she gave me some kind of a lottery ticket that I had
to scratch. I got three Pikachu's pics in the ticket and then she gave me this.

Beatiful isn't it? And if you go to PokeCen, carry your Pokewalker with you, so you may get some prize =D

Then, after purchasing it was Shiny Beast Lottery time =D 

The Lottery sticker =D I originally got five of these but I gave the rest of them as souvenir for my friends :3

That's probably all about PokeCen in comings .. Then the other stuffz

I thought about introducing my Eeveelutions a bit closer and this is the result:

Leafeons for first  :3

Then Glaceons =D 

Eevees! Walky Ewe is a real friend of my camera ='D. The Zukans are just adorable..
so tiny and detailed at the same time  83

Flaming as Flareon :3 Everyone lovely again<3

Jolteons :3 I'm hoping that their tiny family will grow<3

And finally
Vaporeons<3 So cute all together :3 They need the same kind of a tiny one as my tiniest Flareon is  :<
So do the Jolteons.. (but my cousin maybe would give me the Jolteon since she has one and she is probably going to give her pokemon stuffz away =D ) 

Then something else than Eevees.. 

He's the guard of my room's entrance :3  He'll scratch every unwanted visitor  >:3

And some..
Dark Wolves and puppies!!  >.<  So cute everyone!

 Guardians of my alarm!! ^_^

Base of the plushies :3 And all the DS Pokemon Game holders behind the plushies =D
Too bad that I don't have more space for the plushies right now  :<

This box (decorated by me a long time ago) has always been the place for my figures.. I'd like show them all off but my space is in this case as well too small DD8
My favorite figs have already  stolen all the space where they're safe from my one-year-old terrorist chihuahua Nori  
(he's lovely doggie but.. uh .. loves destroying things.. he destroyed one Riolu phone strap of mine DX

Now my very fisrst collection update =D Look what I got today:

OMG!! It's a packet!! Opeeen!!

I was waiting for these cuties' to arrive. Thanks for bladespark of these  ^_^

Welocome to the family! :3

Well, that's all with my collectibles.. Now, as I promised to show my custom works :3

The famous Vulpix kigurumi on me =D 

In differend views as well

Also, a Pikachu DS case =D   I sewed the pic on as well 

Well, I guess that this is all for now~ Hoping to post something random again soon ^_^
Byes for now~  Vep :3 

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that mew purse, do you know who made it? is it tomy, or..? I'd really like to know since I'm looking for one to my Mew collection ^^ (where did you buy it? x3)

I'm not sure what kind of plush is she ...I lost her hang tag D8 but I can check her tush tag later and them let you know :3 And I just bought her from one con this summer here in Finland. And the seller has a shop here (but it's far away from where I live thought)

oh I see.. I'd be very happy if you could ^_^ I've not seen it at any swedish conv this year ;__;

the seller doesn't have a webpage does she? ´-`

The shop has a web page in fact but those Mews are MOT in sale there. The pokemon items they take to cons are just ramdomly everything they've happened to find >: Plus the page is probably in Finnish only (at least I remember so).. But I would ask her how often are the Mew bags avaible. There are some cons coming up here so I would ask her personally. When I bought mine the price was about 31$. And I checked the tag at home btw but everything I got was Nintendo ): but I know that it's a 3th generation product (I remember that from the hang tag that I lost)

Oh, okay. Getting this little guy is really not that easy XD everytime Iäve seen it on ebay I havenät been able to be home annd big when it ended..stupid work..! haha^^,
You've been very helpful! Thank you. And if you remember me next time you meet her, please do<3

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