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TCG wants :3
Eevee & Vulpix
 Okay, I decided to make own entry for my TCG- wants, since there's A LOT of them. I also have an entry for non-flat wants (the link below) so go 'n check them too, if you think you might have something that might interest me :3 But here's a little guiding before you come and comment that you have a card I'm looking for:

*I'm in Finland, just a simple piece of information for non-international shippers
*Currently I only and only accept trades ):  Sorry that I suck at money! >3
*I accept ANY cards I don't already have of the Pokemon I collect.
Feel free to go 'n see my wants list to check which Pokemon are they (I suppose you're pretty much able to get know them about these cards, thought! x)
* I always mark under the card if it has *high priority* (which means that I want it like MAD) and if the card must have something or be a certain kind. Make sure that your card is exactly as I want it. If nothing special description is written under the card, it has no matter what kind of one it is, just want one.
I'm looking for cards in English only, unless they're cards that are only released in Japan / Japanese.
*This list IS NOT COMPLETE at yet, so you can ask if I don't have something not listed here =) These here are just a very small part of the card I'm after!

Fire foxes:

*high priority* must and must be stamped!              

*VERY high priority, reverse holo preferred*  *possibly getting*~~

*VERY high priority*                                                                                      

*high priority*

*very high priority*

*high priority*



*the holo version preferred*

                                                                                                              *high priority*

*high priority*


*high priority, holo preferred*

                                                                                                                    *holo preferred*

All Glaceons (yes, I'm a lazy bitch and don't upload pictures =P  )

.... and actually all Umbreons cuz I don't have any of them yet DX

*the holo one preferred*

                                                                                                               *high priority*


Fire puppies:

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Hi! We talked about your round Marill plush in my intro post, so I looked through your wants to see what I have available for trade! I actually have a wholeeee bunch of your TCG wants- base set Ninetales, Rumble Ninetales, the second two Eevees, etc... I'm working on taking pictures of all the Ninetales/Eeveelution/Growlithe cards I have for you to see but it may take a couple days as I continue to sort through my collection! (It's rather extensive and a project I've been working on the past couple days XD)I'll send you pics when I've got them all ready!

Okay, send me pics and let me know what you have available then when you get the cards sorted :3

Voi hyvää päivää lapsi mitä sun kokoelmista puuttuu... Rai-chan täällä moi. x3

Eli siis, Pokemon-korttipelaajana voin varmasti auttaa, omistan nimittäin melkein kaikki nuo laput... Tosin joitakin minulla on vain yksi kappale, mutta häiriköi joskus mesessä niin katsotaan! Varmasti saadaan jotain vaihtokauppaa aikaan :3

Oi hei! En tieny et säki oot tääl 8D Ai sul on noit korttei.. se on kyllä kiva kuulla näemmä vaihdan mielelläni :3 Tuun toki häiritsee sua asiasta meseen vaík koeviikko onki jo ovella XD

(Deleted comment)
Oh, really? =D You have something you'd like/ you're looking for your half then?? =D

(Deleted comment)
Well.. The plushies are round the canvas plush size :3 Thought I have a few commissions already in progress and being busy with them but if you're patient to wait, I will make a plush :3 I don't really do human plushies but I could easily do about any of those pokemon you mentioned ... I should give you an example of a plush! Here's a Flaaffy plush just recently finished, it's a commission for a comm member

(Deleted comment)
Oh, thanks n_n I'm happy with making any of those three Pokemon. I'll start a waiting list and you'll be put up there :3 And well.. when it comes to the cards I mainly collect Vulpix line, Growlitheline and Eeveelutions and I'm missing most of the cards made of them.. Feel free to ask whatever you need to know about the plush process and else!

(Deleted comment)
I'm always open for wishes about positon, details and such if the commissioner requests =) Otherwise I'll make what comes in my head. If it was a bellossomon.. well, I'd suggest it to be made from soft fleece as I usually do and some details from felt with standing position... but the sosition of her hands and her facial expression could be just as you wish ;3

(Deleted comment)
nope, I don't think so.
LJ has had some issues lately and that might be the reason

I didn't know you were interested in TCG cards! I would have offered to trade mine to you for that Jolt and Wooper Kid I wanted haha!

I have this Eevee!:

and I also have this Rocket Eevee:
The original (first series) Growlithe & Vulpix cards:
The original Jolteon:
(I should have both a Holo and non-Holo version of this one!)
Original Vaporeon:
(also have both Holo and non-Holo versions!)
Dark Vaporeon:
Original Arcanine:

and probably some other Poochyenas/canines cards. I can go give a look through for you, if you'd like! I definitely have some Pikachu cards in there too, haha.

I have the original Holo Ninetails you're looking for and the Blaine's Vulpix ( ) too, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to part with those two. The Ninetails makes me nostalgic! I got it back in the 90's when the cards first came out in the US!
The rest I'm willing to sell though. :) If you're interested in them, just make me an offer?

Well, if you're looking for some cards. I have a few to trade since I'm not too active collector of TCG ... If you're interested to see what cards I have, let me know. Btw did you receive the kids already? :3

I no longer actively collect TCGs either (it's the reason why I'm trying to sell off most of my collection, haha!).
If you have any other Kids or figures you'd be willing to trade, that might work. Or you could just send me a couple of bucks for them. I'm not sure how much they're worth! You can let me know what you think would be fair!

and not yet! I'm still waiting on them! The Northeast area of the US right now has been having a lot of snowstorms and that may be slowing things down. Or international mail usually takes longer to begin with. I'll let you know when they arrive! :)

Sorry, I'm a bit low on money right now (saving for a couple of rare items I'm after) and I don't really prefer trading TCG for non-flats ... Sorry that I'm not much help for you at the moment )= I think your package should be there soon .. at the next week at the latest n_n

Oh.. I have the rocket Eevee and that Blaine's Vulpix already.. But I don't have other car´ds ..the links for original Vulpix & Growlithe didn't work, could you fix them or give new links? :3

Ok! I guess I'll be keeping the Rocket Eevee for now then, haha. I was planning on keeping that one but figured I'd offer it since you like/actively collect Eevees more than I do. :)

Ahg, google links do that a lot.
Here's the Vulpix:
and the Growlithe:

Hope those links work! I know I also have a Houndour card, but that one is in Japanese, I think. Do you want Japanese cards too or English-only?

Is your TCG wants list up to date?

Sure it is, thought it actually lacks many cards ´ n_n`d

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