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Card & flat sales
Eevee & Vulpix
 Yes, now cards, stickers and other flats have their own sales room  C=

PKMNcollectors sales permission granted 03/02/11 by dakajojo 

Rules & Guidelines  (in a nut shell cuz I'm lazy to write right nao):

* I ship from Finland and surprise, surprise,  internationally 

*Shipping starts at $1 , might be slightly higher if you buy a lot
(you cannot get super expensive shipping for flats only, trust me!)

* DO TRADE WITH ME, PLEASE!  <3   ~My TCG wants list is here *click* ~

*Always willing to combine with the stuff from my regular sales   *CLICKITY*

*Holds are okay ^^ and I don't really have any specific time limits for them just ask how long you'd like~
*Haggling is okay, but be reasonable, plz

*All items come from doggie friendly home, thought they are kept far aways from my honeypies' reach

* I have the right to refuse from selling if one appears any kind of rude/ harassing / any other kind of explicit behavior

(mainly TCG here at the moment, stickers moving in here at some point)

Read the rules? Good! Go ahead and take a look at mah shop   n_n


Rares  $1.50 - $2 each
Meganium Prime up for offers (or willing to trade for any ex,, lv.x, prime or shiny of eeveelutions or ninetales / vulpix )

Gone: Tropius, Cleffa, Lunatone, Omastar, regular Cradily, HGSS Quaqshire

Unocommons   $0.50 - $0.75 each

Gone: Miltank, Dunsparce

Gone: Elekid

Gone: Magikarp

Gone: Haunter,

Commons  $0.25 - $0.75 each

Gone: Skiploom, DP Turtwig, Nidoran

Gone: pineco, Gloom

Gone: Larvitar

Gone: Sandstorm Marill, Seel

Randomly assorted cards (commons and uncommons)  $0.25 - $0.75

Gone: Spinarak, Pineco, Caterpie

Holos    $0.25 (horsea, duskull; some scratches on the holofoil) and  $0.75 Lairon 

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Offers for Meganium prime

They go here :3

Would you be willing to trade:All Sneasels,Vulpix HS? You can see my cards here: Thanks!

Of cource! =D
I'd like Call of the Legends Ninetales, Jolteon, Minccino and the Lillipup that is jumping and has forest on the background :3
Could you PM me your address, please? It might take a little time from me to go to the post office since I've been lately / still am really busy with many things.

Oh,sorry but the call of legends Ninetales is gone.You may choose another card if you wish.^^

Well, could I have Zorua then? :3

would you trade the cleffa rare for a HGSS raichu? :D

yup, thats the one I mean! :)

Yay~ Then, I think I have you address somewhere in my e-mail from our past business, so you don't have to send it :3 I'll send your card asap~

awesome <3 I'm not sure if I still have yours, could you PM it to me? :D thanks <33

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