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Hello =D
Eevee & Vulpix
 I finally succeed to get an account in here =D and all thanks to my friend ^_^  Well.. the summer has been pretty busy till now because everything I've been doing is ... mostly travelling  ^_^, (but I miss my friends while being off!!!!  D8  )  My favourite of the travels of the whole summer is definitely the trip to Japan =D  Oh my gosh!!  It was so damn awesome ... I visited in Nagoya's and Tokyo's Pokemon Centers :3  seriously.... I could just buy the whole store empty if I had that much money XD  or well.. maybe not... but anyways, now I'll have to say byes for now and have fun everybody  =D   

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Hi i tried to pm you but it says it private can you please
e-mail me your a dress,I got your payment but it did not show any address.

what kind of payment did you send?

I think I sent it as "Payment owed". (You told me not to send it as Gift) so I sent it as Payment owed. Is it okay?

No you dont send it
as owed or gift.
You send it as a regular payment regular meaning

when you send money it say like send as puchase/personal
you choose purchase + goods

if you send payment to many times as gift or owed your account will be frozen so i was told.
and also no address is shown when you send it like that

I used to have this on my rules not to send payment like that but I never had this problem,is this your first time buying?

Yep, it is my first time buying and I didn't know about what you mentioned. But I looked at the page very carefully and I didn't see there such option as regular payment. Pretty odd... Well, did you check you e-mail? I sent my address there, so is it okay for now?

Ah really?
When sending money at the bottom it say chose options
it be either

do you know what type of paypal account you have?
is it personal or regular

and i check my email soon

I think it's a personal account...

i didnt get your email yet with your adress
i try email you but it says it blocked

Okay, I'll check if there's something wrong with the mail and if I can do something with it

Wait a minute... I sent it from my own hotmail address..In that case the sender should be called Vep-kun. (I used my mom's e-mail when paying in Paypal) :3

sorry im confused all i need is your ADDRESS
so I can ship your items please either comment or message me your address on HERE LJ

im shipping stuff out tomorrow and unless you want to wait another week for your items to be shipped please send me your home address

(Deleted comment)
can you give it to me correctly? i dont want to send it and it get lost also i need a name here a example of what i want

ex. using my address lol
Yvette Vasquez
1981 hoover st
eagle pass,tx 78852

if item gets lost it wont be my fault,as you gave me the adress so please make sure to give it correctly!
sorry for the trouble i just want the plushys to get there safe

(Deleted comment)
thank you!
i be packing up your plushys now :]

You're welcome. And thanks to you for those plushies<3 :3

btw, is it okay if I delete the comment that contains my address tomorrow? I just don't want to get troubles with it.

Hei!=D Ajattelin tulla jututtaan... Katoin muute et oot käyny Pokemon Centtereissä!o.o lucky, mitä ostit??=3

2 canvas pehmoo (Vulpix ja Growlithe), Zorua Pokedollin, 2 pientä walky pehmoavaimenperää (Eevee ja Pikachu), Walky Eevee pikkupyyhkeen ja yli 30 tomyn figuuria mukaanlukien kaikki eeveelutionit :3 lisäksi mukaan tarttui myös se superharvinainen keltainen Pikachu-DS lite, joka oli myynnissä Akihabarassa jossain random kaupassa 8DD olin säästäny ainaski 500 euroo ja 300 meni (mukaanlukien kaverien tuliaiset x)

Lol xD Tulipa paljon =3 Onko kuvii??

On, mut kandee ootella muutama päivä, kosk aion tehdä esittelyn itestäni ja kokoelmista kun oon aika uus tääl :3 joten tarkkaile collectorsin sivuja

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