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Wants list
Eevee & Vulpix
*I collect  these Pokemon:

Bandai Kids
Note: I DON'T collect CLEAR or SPARKLY kids :P

*Working on a full collection of all eeveelu kids* Here's the list of the Eeveelu kids I don't have:

Attacking Vaporeon (doing some kind of water attack)
Attacking Espeon (Eyes closed)
Old sitting Vaporeon (1997)
Old sitting Vaporeon repaint
Winking Eevee
Standing Umbreon
Sitting Umbreon (click to see a pic)
Attacking Flareon (the another version that doesn't have flames)
BW Eevee
BW Vaporeon
All the Sylveons

Also lookig for Old Ninetales (does not have painted tail tips)


Ninetales MC
Pikachu Canvas
Pikachu Canvas (no matter which version)
PC 2009 eevee promo eevee + flareon candy tins (possibly interested in other tins too)
Pikachu Rainbow promo Ceramic chopstic holder
La maison de Eevee Umbrella
La maison de Eevee bookmark

I will only only and only accept them as flat-for-flat trade, unless otherwise stated My TCG wants list is located here


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